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We ventured to Bali, Indonesia on Feb 10th, 2010 (we actually left 5 years ago today!!), to attend the wedding of a dear friend from high school. With the anniversary of our trip here, I figured it was time to feature this exquisite vacation we were blessed to take!! You might be thinking… “what the ?!  You went to high school where?”  I did go to high school in Hong Kong and it was AMAZING, but with all the years of living in Asia and traveling we never made it to Bali.  Kelly { the friend } lives in Singapore now { lucky } and calls Asia home. Soooo, when Kelly called and said she was getting married in Bali, not only was I happy for her, I was ecstatic that we would have the opportunity to visit this beautiful, healing, magical island!

First up, scenes of Seminyak Beach. We were within walking distance of this lovely beach. But wait, let me start by letting you know that we arrived in Bali during the “rainy” season. What that means is, 95 degree weather, with 95 percent humidity which results in “feels like” temps in the 100’s… .try 110’s!!  It was hot. I have never been so hot in my ENTIRE life!!  We arrive at the beautiful beach to take a dip in the ocean, maybe rent some chairs… um no! Even the water is hot in Bali! It was like soaking in a bathtub. “Ah Betty & Oli, let’s go get a cocktail over there in the shade!” But I did get these amazing photos of the beach, the street life, temples and offerings for Chinese New Year on our journey.

IMG_0699 edit

seminyak walk

cocktails at sem


local life

We stayed not far from Seminyak Beach in the Kembali Villas. We shared a 2 bedroom Villa with my bestie Betty… man was it luxurious!  Everything is open air/outdoor except for your bed. Even the toilet and shower. It was gorgeous!! You open your gate to a stone path, “floating” and twisting in shallow pools to arrive to the outdoor living area. Gorgeous, locally made furniture, dining area and kitchen overlooking our own private pool. There is water everywhere in this villa… literally! I didn’t want to EVER leave!  Take a peek and imagine yourself immersed in the cool water, with the sounds of nature surrounding you… and some 80’s music!!

villa 2 mask villa 3 walkway 2 pool walkway1

 The wedding! What a gorgeous event. It did pour down rain, so the festivities were held inside… but we still had a fabulous time with old friends from high school!

wedding 1

My favorite photo below of Kel and I hugging. I love this girl. Even though I hardly ever see her, it’s like a day hasn’t even gone by when we do. And the girls from HKIS.

wedding 2

A steal from facebook that I was tagged in… bad quality but great photo of everyone!


Finally, some breathtaking scenery from Jimbaran Bay on one of our last days.  What a fantastic time we had in beautiful Bali!


friends meandoli sunset


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